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Limerick Irish County

Description of the Crest

The crest depicts Patrick Sarsfield Irish commander at the Siege of Limerick. The motto "Remember Limerick" was used by Irish soldiers fighting in continental armies, and refers to the English breaking of the treaty of Limerick.



CUIMHNIGH AR LUIMNEACH ["Remember Limerick"]

All of our kilts are 100% wool and are 8-9 yards of material. All of the tartan fabric used in our kilts are made in Scotland or Ireland and are of the absolute highest quality.

Available in medium and heavy-weight tartans.

We have thousands of Scottish Clan and District and Irish County tartans available.

Kilt Prices

Hips to 44”   $525.00
46” and over $565.00

As each kilt is custom-made to the individual, we prefer to discuss your needs in person or via e-mail or telephone. Please contact us to place your order.

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