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The Pipers Cove offers kilt rentals for all occasions, including weddings, black-tie affairs, parties, cruises, proms, and other events. We are proud to rent our customers the same high-quality products that we sell – all kilts are wool, 7-8 yards, and made in Scotland.

All of our Prince Charlie jackets are wool and made in Scotland. Our sporrans are all real leather and fur and are also hand-made in Scotland.

The quality of our products is very important to us. We are vigilant in providing our customers with the highest quality merchandise so that they look amazing in their kilt rental for their special event. 

Full Kilt Rental

Everything you need for your Highland Regalia
$ 169
Save over $55
  • Kilt with Sporran, Belt and Buckle
  • Ghillie Brogues, Hose, Flashes and Sgian Dubh
  • Prince Charlie Jacket, Tuxedo Shirt, and Bow Tie
Most Popular

Kilt & Accessories

No need for Shoes, Hose, or Jacket
$ 99
Save $20
  • Kilt with Sporran, Belt, and Buckle

Upper Half

If you have a Kilt, and Ghillies
$ 69
Save $5
  • Prince Charlie jacket, Tuxedo Shirt, and Bow Tie

Lower Half

Perfect if you don't need a jacket
$ 129
Save over $30
  • Kilt with Sporran, Belt, and Buckle
  • Ghillie Brogues, Hose, Flashes, and Sgian Dubh

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Irish National

Dress MacDonald Muted

Black Watch

Royal Stewart

Kilt Rentals can be shipped nationwide. For your convenience, Rental shipping fees are now a flat rate of $14.95 per rental. Call us today for more information about our kilt rental services!

The Pipers Cove has been selected to provide kilt rental outfits for shows including Bridezillas, Sex & The City, Saturday Night Live and many local New York news stations, and for celebrities including Jerry O’Connell, Regis Philbin, Justin Timberlake, Law & Order cast, and Super Bowl XLII Champion New York Giants Kicker, Lawrence Tynes.

Individual Rental Rates:

  • Prince Charlie Jacket & Vest $59.95
  • Tuxedo Shirt & Black Silk Bow Tie $14.95
  • Kilt $59.95
  • Sporran & Chain $39.95
  • Belt & Buckle $19.95
  • Sgian Dubh $4.95
  • Flashes $4.95
  • Hose (Hose are yours to keep) $20.95
  • Ghillie Brogues (shoes) $19.95

Kilt Rentals are available in children’s and adult sizes. Children’s rentals are available from age 2 and run through teenage years. Adult kilt rentals range from size 32″ to 60″ waist.

Matching tartan plaids and sashes are available for purchase in Irish National, Royal Stewart, Dress MacDonald Muted, and Black Watch tartans.

Also available for those not wearing kilts but wanting to match the groom’s party:

  • Tartan Cummerbund & Bow Tie Sets in each of the four tartans are available for purchase – $59.95 $64.95
  • Tuxedo Vest rentals are now available in all four tartans – $29.95.
  • Tartan Tuxedo Vest Rental with Tuxedos Shirt & Black Silk Bow Tie – $39.95
Pipers Cove Kilt Rental Department can be contacted by dialing
201-998-3695. Due to Covid-19, we are currently operating by appointment only. Please call or email to schedule an appointment.