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Wallace Classic 1 Bagpipes

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Price is Ready-to-Play and Personalized to Your Needs.


Synthetic Canmore or Bannatyne Bag with zipper, grommets, and bottle water-trap (upgradable)

SM-90, EZ-Drone, or Selbie Drone Reeds (upgradable)

Bag Cover with Zipper and Non-Slip Patch

Wallace Poly Pipe Chanter and Reed

Extendable Blowpipe to Match Your Specific Needs

Combed & Beaded African Blackwood

African Blackwood Button Mounts

Plain Nickel Ferrules

Plain Nickel Caps

Plain Nickel Slides

Poly Pipe Chanter

*All Bagpipes purchased at The Piper’s Cove come with Lifetime Free General Maintenance (by appointment). Please call to schedule an appointment to keep your Bagpipes playing as great as possible.

Very highly recommended

Bannatyne Hybrid recommended

We only carry black bags

For questions or more information, please call:
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