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*IN STOCK MacLellan USA Theme Cocobolo Bagpipes w/ Sterling Silver Patriot Engraving, Satinwood Mounts, Blackwood Naill Chanter



Cocobolo Wood Bagpipes by Roddy MacLellan, made in the USA –

This set was special made in 2000/2001 with Satinwood mounts. Hand engraved Sterling Silver Patriot design (Only available in SS).

The previous owner has taken extraordinary care of these pipes and there is very little wear and tear. Overall they are in excellent condition with no cracks, and no noticeable chips or other damage.

As with all bagpipes purchased from The Piper’s Cove, this set comes with lifetime general maintenance. Just make an appointment and we will tweak them and get them set up to play at peak performance free of charge.

  • Included with Bagpipes:
    • Bannatyne Hybrid Medium pipe bag with zipper on bottom
    • Bag cover and cords (Red, White, and Blue Theme)
    • Balance Tone USA Drone Reeds
    • Tone Enhancers
    • Beck Valve spit trap.
  • Special Products Also Included:
    • Blackwood Naill Bagpipe Chanter
    • MacLellan Practice Chanter with Purple Heart Wood Sole


Please Contact Colin directly at 917-572-8999 for questions and to purchase


*All Bagpipes purchased at the Piper’s Cove come with lifetime tune-ups BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please call to schedule an appointment. This includes drone reed adjustments (for reeds purchased here), chanter/reed set up, tightening loose joints (does not include full re-hemping), cord adjustments/tightening, and other general maintenance to get your pipes playing well. Please call us and use this amazing benefit before you let someone in your band (that thinks they know what they are doing but may not really know what they are doing) mess up your bagpipes.

In stock

For questions or more information, please call:
Telephone: 201-998-3695

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