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Ross Technologies MidiPipes

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The Ross Technologies MidiPipes are an affordable, high quality digital instrument, equally suitable for use as a

convenient practice chanter, or with an amplifier for live performance.

The notes are played in a very realistic manner, by covering electronic touch sensors, positioned to exactly match the finger spacing of a regular pipe chanter.

The sound is produced from actual Great Highland Bagpipe samples stored in a wav-table for an accurate and

realistic playing experience.

The MidiPipes incorporate fingering for natural notes and vibrato to enhance the range of notes and expression


Also available is a MIDI output which enables the pipes to control MIDI instruments such as keyboards, or music

software running on a Mac or PC.

The unit may be configured to play in the regular bagpipe key of “b-flat”, or one of seven different keys to match the

pitch of other instruments – all by simply playing the desired key on the finger holes (ie: all holes covered for the key of “G”).

The pipes may als

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