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McCallum Practice Chanters

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All of these Practice Chanters are made by McCallum Bagpipes and come with standard with a True Tone practice reed.

A. Children’s Practice Chanter – Holes are much closer than bagpipe chanter. Do not expect a perfect sound, but this is great for younger students with small hands that are just getting started. $59.95

B. Adult Practice Chanter – The standard size, best option for the most amount of people. Finger holes are closer to an actual bagpipe chanter spacing. Good sound, and convenient size if you need to travel with it. $65.95

C. McCallum Short Wood – A premium version of the Adult Practice Chanter. Has beautiful decoration, and a great, sweet sound. Perfect gift for a piper! $139.95

D. Long Plastic Practice Chanter – Holes are spaced the same as a bagpipe chanter making the transition to the pipes easier. Better for more advanced pipers people 6 feet or taller. $79.95

E. McCallum Long Plastic – A more premium version of the standard Long Practice Chanter. More decoration and a fuller sound.

F. McCallum Long Wood – Premium African Blackwood Practice Chanter with Celtic Engraving.

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