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McCallum AB4 Deluxe Zoomorphic Bagpipes

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African Blackwood Bagpipes –

Fully Combed & Beaded
Imitation ivory projecting mounts with engraved alloy plates recessed into the top surface
Engraved alloy ferrules, slides and ring caps.
Plus an imitation ivory and engraved alloy mouthpiece with McCallum plastic pipe chanter with engraved alloy sole.

Every McCallum set comes complete with: Synthetic Bannatyne zipper pipe bag; bag cover with Velcro seal; silk cords; synthetic drone reeds; and a 10 year, no quibble guarantee

*All Bagpipes purchased at the Piper’s Cove come with lifetime tune-ups BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please call to schedule an appointment.

This includes drone reed adjustments (for reeds purchased here), chanter/reed set up, tightening loose joints (does not include re-hemping), cord adjustments/tightening, and other general maintenance to get your pipes playing well. Please call us and use this amazing benefit before you let someone in your band (that thinks they know what they are doing but may not really know what they are doing) mess with your beautiful bagpipes

Very highly recommended

Bannatyne Hybrid recommended

We only carry black bags

For questions or more information, please call:
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