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*IN STOCK Piper’s Choice Kitchen Pipes

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Pipers' Choice Kitchen Pipes – The pinnacle of piping pleasure! This versatile and economical instrument is perfect for solo practice, entertaining at gatherings, or simply enjoying the fun of piping.

The Kitchen Pipes set is a quality musical instrument that produces a full-bodied sound. Although not as resonant as the Highland bagpipes, they possess a solid and respectable tone. They include a synthetic pipe bag, black cover, and a built-in water trap built directly into the blowpipe.

They can use many standard practice reeds in the drones and chanter, but we have found the ones they come to be ideal.

This set uses a long Pipers' Choice practice chanter, with the upper part serving as the blowpipe and the lower part as the chanter, effectively giving you two instruments in one: an excellent practice chanter and a superb set of small pipes. It also comes with a soft padded case.

Made in Canada.

In stock

Very highly recommended

Bannatyne Hybrid recommended

We only carry black bags

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