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G1 Platnum Bagpipe Reed

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G1 PLATINUM is the newest reed from John Elliott of G1 reeds, improving on the hugely successful G1 Original reed. It is now being played worldwide by top grade 1 bands and soloists.

G1 PLATINUM produces more resonance and clarity, particularly on the top hand. G1 PLATINUM also has a sharper high A which suits an even wider range of chanters. It locks in perfectly with your drones producing a lovely balance. G1 PLATINUM sets new standards in reed making!

*Please note that these reeds are only available in Easy+ and Medium. The Easy+ strength is on the harder side of “Easy”

In stock (can be backordered)

Colin is fully vaccinated and likes to test every reed we sell for the proper strength. Sometimes he is not immediately available so we are giving you the option to wait for him, or ship ASAP and gamble with the strength of the reed.

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