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Chesney (Warnock) Copper Pipe Reed with White Binding

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The classic Chesney (Warnock) Copper Pipe Reed, just wrapped in white.


The Chesney (Warnock) Pipe Reeds are hand chiselled using select cane sourced from France by reed-makers with over 42 years of experience in the art of reed-making. The unique design and construction gives them the ability to maintain pitch and stability, even with a limited playing time and rough playing conditions. That's why they are trusted by the worlds best bands!


The Chesney (Warnock) Reed is balanced enough to be played in a wide range of Chanters, as demonstrated by many of the Worlds top pipe bands. The Chesney Copper Reed has been played to win the last 8 Grade 1 World Championships and the last 5 Juvenile World Championships in succession.

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Colin prefers to test every reed we sell for the proper strength. Sometimes he is not immediately available so we are giving you the option to wait for him, or ship ASAP and gamble with the strength of the reed.

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