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Bannatyne Hybrid Pipe Bag – Zipper On Bottom

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Bannatyne Hide/Synthetic Hybrid Bag for the bagpipes.

This is very quickly becoming one of the most popular pipe bags in the world. It combines all of the benefits of a leather bag and a synthetic bag into one. There is almost no maintenance (no seasoning!) and it has the weight, feel, and reliability of a leather bag.

The zipper is located closer to the bottom of the bag for easier access to the inside and less interference while playing. Available in Small Extended, Medium, Large, and Willie McCallum Custom sizes

The Willie McCallum Custom size is roughly the girth of the Medium bag, with a shape similar to the Small Extended. It is the best parts of both combined.

Extended Small – Depth 241mm x Length 675mm

Medium – Depth 267mm x Length 675mm

Large – Depth 292mm x Length 735mm

Willie McCallum Custom – Depth 255mm x Length 700mm

*Bagpipe bags purchased at The Piper's Cove come with free installation BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call to schedule an appointment

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